Get ready to have a wonderful summer at your neighborhood pool! Beginning in 2019, we are now a member operated pool, and we have lots of ideas and fun planned for this season and many seasons to come!



3150 S. Dixie Drive
Kettering OH 45439


11:30am – 8:30 Daily* until school starts - 4-7:30 or 8:30 M-F*, normal hours Sat,Sun, Labor Day* after school starts**

* weather permitting

**Once school starts we have no lifeguards because they are all in school so we unfortunately have to have special hours Maybe one day OH will vote to start school after Labor Day and we can stay open longer!


About our facility:

  • 25 yard pool with lap lines & diving area with two 1 meter low boards

  • Completely fenced kiddie pool area with tables, chairs, & loungers

  • Certified lifeguards at all times

  • Pool has shallow end & deep end from 3’ to 11’ in diving area

  • Umbrella tables & lounge chairs (Area with awning available)

  • Playset with clubhouse, swings & slide

  • 20’x40’ rentable shelter area with tables, grill, & lights

  • Concession stand

  • Beer & wine available for sale

  • Sand volleyball, ping-pong, tennis court, mini-golf, shuffleboard, basketball court & more

  • Showers, bathrooms, & family changing area

  • 3 acres of private grounds, plenty of grassy areas

Pool & Diving Rules

  1. Diving Board:  Closed at Lifeguard Discretion
    a.     No hanging on/under the board.
    b.       One diver at a time.
    c.        No sitting on the guardrails.
    d.        Wait for previous diver to swim clear before entering.
    e.        Dive off front of board only.
    f.        Swim to ladder immediately after diving.
    g.        Swimmers are not allowed in diving area when boards are in use.
    h.        No backwards diving/back flips or gainers.
    i.        No goggles while going off the diving board.

  2. Pool Deck:
    a.        Walk, don’t run.
    b.        No pushing or rough play.
    c.        Sunbathe away from the edge of the pool.
    d.        Only plastic containers allowed in pool facility.

    e. No outside carry-in alcohol permitted (alcohol available for sale)

  3. Shallow Water:
    a.        Keep off lane-lines.
    b.        No underwater breath holding prolonged underwater swimming allowed.
    c.        If a child cannot swim or is wearing a safety flotation device, the child 
    must be in arms reach of their parent or person responsible.
    d.        Dive only off diving board or in diving well.
    e.        No dunking or rough play.
    f.        Non-potty-trained children must be in swim diaper with swim diaper cover

  4. Deep Water:
    a.        Non-swimmers must stay in shallow water.
    b.        No Deep diving starts allowed.
    c.        No sitting, playing, jumping or diving from starting blocks.
    d.        Starting blocks are for competitive swimming only.

  5. Baby Pool:
    a.        No running or rough play.
    b.        Must be accompanied by an adult.
    c.        No diving.
    d.        Child must be in swim diaper with swim diaper cover

    e. Baby pool restricted to children 5 years or younger or non-swimmers only.

  6. Inclement Weather:
    a.        Manager/Lifeguards will close the pool area when thunder is heard or lightning is spotted.  Pool will remain closed for 20 minutes after each incident of thunder/lightning.
    b.     Pool will not open when temperatures fall below 70 degrees.  Manager will evaluate temperatures throughout the day to determine if pool can open at a later time.